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North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Infection Control, Safety, and Consumer Protection


Qualified candidates can apply for examinations here: https://provexam.com/ 
The registration steps are outlined in the Prov CIB.  Also included are the steps for the candidates to log back in and schedule their exam once they are approved.  For questions please email: NCSupport@provexam.com

Exam Registration Step by Step Guide 

Temporary Permits

Each graduate is eligible for a temporary permit if the following is complete:
1. Graduation paperwork is submitted to the Board (this is completed by the school)
2. The graduate submits the examination application to Prov via: https://provexam.com/  (within 3 months of the date of graduation AND after the date of graduation).
3. The graduate submits the temporary permit form and $5 fee to the Board office.

All permits are valid for 6 months after the date of graduation. Permits cannot be renewed.