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North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Sanitation, Safety, and Consumer Protection

Individuals Licensed in another State

Requirements (2 items):

  1. Hold a current license in good standing (no disciplinary actions)
  2. Be licensed in a state that offers reciprocity to North Carolina

How to Transfer:

If you are licensed in Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia:

  1. Have your state licensing agency send a certification via email or mail to:

Email:            certifications@nccosmeticarts.com

Mail:              NC Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners

                                1207 Front Street, Suite 110

                                Raleigh, NC 27609

We do not accept fax submissions. Certifications are held on file for either 90 days or until the date of expiration, whichever comes first.

Check the list below for your name. Once you are on this list, you may submit the application.


If you are licensed in any other state, submit the application online or by mail:

By Mail


$35 – Apprentice, Esthetician, Manicurist, Natural Hair Care and Teacher licenses
$64 – Cosmetologist license

Incorrect payments will be returned unprocessed. If you do not meet the requirements listed above, your payment will be returned unprocessed. 

Other Important Information:

  • Reciprocity licenses will not be granted for hair braiders, manicurist or estheticians in the state of Florida.
  • Reciprocity licenses will not be granted for hair braiders in the state of Texas or South Carolina.
  • Teacher's licenses cannot be obtained without first holding a current license for practice in the corresponding discipline.  Ex: Only NC licensed cosmetologists may obtain a NC cosmetology teacher's license.  


This listing updated 5/25/2016  Approved from Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia:


Bailey, Skyler TX
Ballard, Amanda WV
Berlin, Tammy TX
Bui, Vi NH
Bui, Lac AK
Bui, Phu AK
Castillo, Norma TX
Cerul, Carolynn TX
Chau, Thien TX
Cil, Phin AK
Cook, Gina TX
Creech, Duong AK
Dang, Hien AK
Dang, Hang TX
Do, Phi AK
Do, Thao AK
Duong, Xuan AK
Eban, Nah AK
Eban, Dane AK
Erlewine, Susan WV
Floyd, Nicki WV
Forrest, Sally NH
Gilson, Jodi AK
Green, Karlita OK
Hawkins, Kristin WV
Heard, Logan OK
Hefner, Kendall TX
Herndon, Louise TX
Ho, Phuong AK
Ho, Thao AK
Ho, Minh Ak
Ho, Dung Ak
Hoang, Tammy AK
Hoang, Thuy TX
Hua, Phuong TX
Huynh, Hoang OK
Huynh, Hoang OK
Huynh, Van AK
Huynh, Tho AK
Huynh, Tam Ak
Huynh, Hai AK
Huynh, Phuc AK
Huynh, Anne AK
Huynh, Ty AK
Huynh, Duong AK
Huynh, Dat AK
Huynh, Anh AK
Huynh, Be TX
Huynh, Anh TX
Huynh, Tien TX
Johnson, Anika KY
Jordan, Kelsey OK
Kpa, Hrum AK
Ksor, Hbron AK
Ksor, Ngoi AK
Le, Minh AK
Le, Hoang AK
Le, Phuong AK
Le, Dung AK
Le, My AK
Le, Hong TX
Lemieux, Lori-Ann NH
Ly, Cathy MS
Ly, Cathy MS
Ly, Tram AK
McGee, Alexis TX
McKinsey, Sandra KY
Medina, Kelly AR
Michalewicz, Cheryl NH
Musick, Carla WV
Nay, Nga AK
Ngo, Tri Ak
Ngo, Tri AK
Nguyen, Thu TX
Nguyen, Thuy AK
Nguyen, Xuan AK
Nguyen, Thu AK
Nguyen, Thanh AK
Nguyen, Phan AK
Nguyen, Linda AK
Nguyen, Huy AK
Nguyen, Cuong Ak
Nguyen, Ny AK
Nguyen, Suong AK
Nguyen, Thuy AK
Nguyen, Vu AK
Nguyen, Mai AK
Nguyen, Oanh AK
Nguyen, Linda AK
Nguyen, Toan TX
Nguyen, Minh TX
Nguyen, Toai TX
Nguyen, Julie TX
Nguyen, Cindy TX
Nguyen, Dung TX
Nguyen, Hoa TX
Nhung, Fnu AK
Nie, Ngan AK
Pa, Hay AK
Pang, Suen AK
Perez, Rosa TX
Pham, Truong AR
Pham, Chung AK
Phan, Rachel AK
Phou, Lin AK
Raines, Dana WV
Rcom, Hloat AK
Rembert, Kandace TX
Rmah, Ken AK
Roo, Nhuon AK
Sabino, Edna AK
Salinas, Jazmine TX
Shibley, Eileen TX
Shibley, Eileen TX
Siu, Hduin AK
Soe, Eiei AK
Syeda, Yasmin TX
Ta, Nguyet TX
Takyrbasshev, Dah AK
Tran, Trinh KS
Tran, Quyen TX
Tran, Quynh TX
Tran, Trang AK
Tran, Nga AK
Tran, Dung AK
Tran, Luong AK
Tran, Thuy Ak
Tran, Dung AK
Tran, Tuan AK
Tran, Mary AK
Tran, Dung TX
Trawinski, Marta TX
Tu, Leng AK
Vo, Diep AK
Vo, Diep AK
Vu, Duyen AK
Vu, Tai AK
Warner, Tamathea WV
Wilcox, Myka OK
Willis, Chanda TX
Wright, Kendall TX
Yin, Mai AK
Zapata, Aliana AK
Ziegler, Mydiem AK