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North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Sanitation, Safety, and Consumer Protection

Individuals Licensed in another State

Requirements (2 items):

  1. Hold a current license in good standing (no disciplinary actions)
  2. Be licensed in a state that offers reciprocity to North Carolina

How to Transfer:

If you are licensed in Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia:

  1. Have your state licensing agency send a certification via email or mail to:

Email:            certifications@nccosmeticarts.com

Mail:              NC Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners

                                1207 Front Street, Suite 110

                                Raleigh, NC 27609

We do not accept fax submissions. Certifications are held on file for either 90 days or until the date of expiration, whichever comes first.

Check the list below for your name. Once you are on this list, you may submit the application.


If you are licensed in any other state, submit the application online or by mail:

By Mail


$35 – Apprentice, Esthetician, Manicurist, Natural Hair Care and Teacher licenses
$64 – Cosmetologist license

Incorrect payments will be returned unprocessed. If you do not meet the requirements listed above, your payment will be returned unprocessed. 

Other Important Information:

  • Reciprocity licenses will not be granted for hair braiders, manicurist or estheticians in the state of Florida.
  • Reciprocity licenses will not be granted for hair braiders in the state of Texas or South Carolina.
  • Teacher's licenses cannot be obtained without first holding a current license for practice in the corresponding discipline.  Ex: Only NC licensed cosmetologists may obtain a NC cosmetology teacher's license.  


This listing updated 11/25/2015 License Approved from Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia:


Bui, Bao TX
Bui, Khanh AK
Caceres, Lacey WV
Chapman, Candace WV
Chea, Tiffany TX
Chea, Rothana AK
Clark, Rhonda TX
Cochran, Stephanie TX
Connors, Shannon NH
Cordova, Anamarina TX
Dang, Hang TX
Dinh, Dong TX
Do, Lantu TX
Do, Hao TX
Do, Hein TX
Fantauzzi Vazquez, Waleska PR
Fortner, Jill KS
Fox, Racheal TX
Galyon, Annie KS
Graham, Heather KS
H, Nuel AK
Hargrove, Vivian WV
Hatfield, Kristy WV
Hawley, Kim NH
Ho, Thu TX
Ho, Hieu TX
Hoang, Tuyen TX
Huynh, Johnny TX
Huynh, Thanh Tuan TX
Huynh, Kim AK
Huynh, Tuan TX
Lam, Ngoc TX
Le, Thanh TX
Le, Huynh TX
Le, Loc TX
Le, Lam TX
Le, Duc TX
Le, Binh TX
Le, Vinh TX
Le, Linh TX
Lehman, Chong WV
Lightsey, Gloria TX
Lucin, Jr., Alfonso TX
Luong, Tran TX
Ly, Tuyen TX
Ly, Cu TX
Ly, Cu TX
McNeill, Saichelle WV
Moo, Wahnay AK
Morris, Natalie NH
Ngo, Yen TX
Ngo, Huong TX
Ngo, Nhieu AK
Nguyen, Nghia Xuan TX
Nguyen, Selena TX
Nguyen, Hoa TX
Nguyen, Hoa TX
Nguyen, Dziem TX
Nguyen, Lan TX
Nguyen, Nhu TX
Nguyen, The Anh Hoang TX
Nguyen, Kim TX
Nguyen, Dang TX
Nguyen, Hien TX
Nichols, Connie WV
Nie, Cuih AK
Owens-Duke, Elizabeth OK
Owens-Dukes, Elizabeth OK
Parker, Amelia TX
Perdue, Missy WV
Pham, Truong TX
Pham, Hai NH
Pham, Thao TX
Phan, Thu TX
Phan, Jennifer TX
Phan, Huu AK
Potter, Kristen KY
Puii, Lal TX
Ropp, Sawaros AK
Sanders, Mary AR
Smith, Shawna OK
Szvetecz, Adriana TX
Tammasut, Siriwan TX
Tan, Kimberly KS
Thach, Buol TX
Tran, Hieu TX
Tran, Myhanh TX
Tran, Dieu TX
Tran, Phuong TX
Tran, Phuong TX
Tran, Kim TX
Tran, Dung Van TX
Tran, De TX
Tran, Katrina TX
Truong, Steven TX
Truong, Linh TX
Truong, Van TX
Truong, Hien TX
Truong, Hien TX
Vo, Hue TX
Vu, Duong TX
Wong, May TX